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6 months since the virus took over

6 Months Since The Virus Took Over

It’s nearly 6 months since this virus took over our day to day lives, could there be a second wave? Everybody throughout the world has really suffered over these uncertain times, will life ever be the same again? Will we get back to normal? Everyone seems to be asking the same question? I remember when this all started, two people in York were sent to hospital with the virus. We never really thought about it being so serious and never ever thought it would get this far!

Even now after 6 months I still can’t believe the scale of this virus and its devastating effects. But it spread like wild fire, lots of people have sadly passed away,  it’s an emotional time. I never thought that in our life time we would have a pandemic. Yes we’ve heard of the Spanish flu and plague years ago but I thought in this day and age it would never happen. So now we all have to be so careful with every day to day activities and abide by the rules put in place.

Me and my partner used to go for coffees in cafes and go on adventures. However these days it’s not that easy anymore even going shopping because of the restrictions. We both struggle with breathing problems while wearing masks but we do still wear them. Normality seems to be a lifetime away however we’re trying to cling to hope. We started our business because we wanted to help people, spiritual gifts let people know you care, give people hope.

6 Months Since The virus Took Over – The End Bit

This post was just a random ramble because it’s 6 months since the world changed, its effects are long lasting. As per our previous posts we started this during lockdown and the feedback has been amazing and humbling. Not only our shop feedback but also the messages of encouragement and thanks that we receive, it’s really appreciated! We are still new to this part of our journey but our roots are deep in mystical adventure and discovery.

As we progress on this path we aim to evolve in to something bigger and even more meaningful. As lockdown has challenged us, we’ve accepted and risen above it. We now would like to set some extra goals and achievements to get us through the next phase. I think setting yourself goals and challenges is a good way to get through this. As we continue to grow our spiritual gift shop we will be adding new dimensions to it really soon. This virus has won’t beat us! #fightingback

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Thank you for reading and stay safe!