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About us. We started the shop as we have a fascination with all things mystical and spiritual. We have been involved in spiritualism for 40 years and have seen first hand the benefits of spiritual items. There is something about these items, they  are great for personal wellness and transformation. We have items that can help with communication with spirit such as pendulums, crystal balls for psychic communication and scrying.

There is also a fantastic selection of crystals for sale which have wonderful protective, healing and other spiritually enhancing qualities. Along with our aromatherapy items which can help with meditation and relaxation, we also have some amazing Green Man Soaps. As a spiritual shop we are always looking at what items can benefit people. Whether it’s for personal improvement or to help you look deeper into the metaphysical world.

About Us

We like to challenge the perception that life is only lived on earth and we actively look for the existence of higher realms. All of this has inspired us to do what we are doing now, we hope you will find something you like amongst our online gifts and we hope you feel as inspired as us. We will be adding lots more items to our range as we progress so keep checking back. However, once we get sorted you can subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with offers and gossip.

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