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are haunted houses real

Are Haunted Houses Real?

Are haunted houses real? That’s an open question that can only be answered by everyones own personal beliefs. However in my own personal experience as an open minded sceptic there are many factors to consider. For example if you go in to a house with the mindset that it’s haunted, that will affect your experience. If you also go into a darkened room in that same house your mind will also play tricks on you.

This doesn’t mean that the house is actually haunted, it means your mind is telling you it is. Many factors contribute to that experience and dark places trigger certain feelings of fear and uncertainty, this is called Nyctophobia. Darkness can play many tricks on the mind. If you think the house is haunted, a dark room will fuel that thought, it will enhance your fears. This is one of many factors that contribute to haunted house myths.

I’m not suggesting that ghosts don’t exist, I’m merely a sceptic who requires my own proof. I do have a fascination with all things paranormal as people seem obsessed by the unknown, however I dig deeper. I don’t just want to believe in something because I’m told it’s haunted, I want to see it. Haunted houses or even a supposed haunted hotel drives me to look deeper into why it’s deemed haunted.

Ghost Hunters

There is something exciting about watching ghost hunters do their thing in supposedly real haunted houses but it’s for tv. It’s all about ratings, if nothing happened on the show the viewers would switch off, this would affect advertising revenue. Also these ghost hunting programmes don’t actually give you hard evidence that a haunted house is haunted. Maybe I’m looking to much into this but I need more genuine proof before I’m convinced.

Myself and my partner have attracted strange happenings since we got together and we started to investigate why. My partner believes in ghostly things and she has actually demonstrated some mediumship ability. She has given random strangers names that have come to her and has seen apparitions near us both at times. We have a blog that we started when things began to happen to us so we could document them.

With regards to whether haunted houses are real or not would it not be worth looking at it’s history? Ghost stories are ok but real historic events are what matter most where proof is concerned. We stayed in Guy Fawkes cottage in York on our last visit and he was apparently born there. We had one of the most unsettling nights of our lives! Even though I’m a sceptic the photos I took on my phone were unbelievable. We can’t explain any of them. You can read about it HERE.

Even though we had an unsettling night, was it our imagination making things worse? We knew about the room before we stayed there and it’s history, would this have made any difference? Just because the cottage has history does that make it haunted? What we discovered was a room full of strange feelings and noises, plus we caught things on camera. Does this make it haunted?

Are Haunted Houses Real? – Summary

Figuring out whether a haunted house is real or not will always require lots of investigation. Open mindedness will be needed due to the contributing factors. However wouldn’t it be a great feeling if we actually found the existence of the afterlife? I’m sure it would take more than one investigation and plenty of equipment. I caught some fantastic unexplained photographs on my old Sony Xperia phone. Nothing fancy.

There’s all sorts of scary house stories out there and they’re great to watch, like 30 East Drive. However I would like to try and continue looking for my own proof rather than accept other peoples. At least that way I have satisfied my own criteria in what I am looking for. I believe a house can seem haunted due to hype, mindset and frequencies and eliminating those things is what’s required. Hopefully soon I can get back to finding this out for myself.

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