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are psychic mediums fake

Are Psychic Mediums Fake?

Are psychic mediums fake? I grew up with a mother who claimed to be able to talk to spirit. In reality, how was I to know that whatever messages she gave were accurate? I grew up with spiritualism and frequently attended the churches with my mother. At first, I was apprehensive, I had visions of ghosts wandering around and knocks on windows, etc. This wasn’t the case, I found it extremely peaceful and quite interesting, to be honest, I was sucked in to believing that there is a life after death.

When I say I was sucked in I mean when at an impressionable age you tend to believe your elders. Also being at a spiritualist church and seeing all of those people made me think it’s real. This isn’t a post to suggest life after death doesn’t exist, it’s merely an opinion from someone now sceptical. There’s many reasons why I’m sceptical and one is Psychic Mediums accuracy. Don’t get me wrong I know the medium is trying to help but I’ve seen absolutely no concrete evidence. I’ve been going on and off to spiritualist churches for nearly 40 years, I’ve seen so many mediums and so little accuracy.

Here are a few things that really stick in my mind, they make me question everything about it.

Are Psychic mediums Fake? – Religion

Spiritualism is classed as a religion, I know from experience that it welcomes all faiths into its community. I have been at a Sunday evening service and sat with other people from different religions who are believers. However, this religion won’t grow unless people start to believe and trust what the mediums are saying. As I’ve witnessed a lot of inaccurate messages from mediums I started to question the existence of spirit. Not just spirit but why does spiritualism exist? As I got older I started to become more aware of certain factors. There is money in mediumship and people will pay!

There is a college in Stansted where you can go and learn and develop mediumship and spiritual healing etc. If you look at the price of the courses you will see what I mean. It’s been a religion for a long time but if people stopped believing then there would be no money. On the flip side I also know that the churches are struggling to keep their doors open due to money. So if you look at the money generated by the college it’s quite substantial. Plus all of that money is being generated by telling people life after death exists. Open your eyes, where is the actual hard proof? People have been trying for years with sophisticated technology to find proof without success.


This is another reason why I have my doubts about spiritualism and mediums, grief. Ever since I started to go to the church i noticed a common theme, people are desperately wanting comfort. There is a lot of grieving people out there that maybe can’t come to terms with the loss of someone. These poor souls are willing to grasp any ounce of comfort they can from any messages even if it’s wrong. A lot of people will take a message from a medium and make it fit their circumstances. Some people are also too shy to the medium is wrong, I’ve seen it for myself. That grieving process is such a terrible thing to endure and if someone gets comfort from spiritualism that’s great. Having that thought that their loved ones are on the other side and helping and guiding them helps.

Unfortunately, the mediums aren’t accurate and don’t give enough information to help the spiritualism cause. Some of them don’t even give names in their messages. They might say things like ‘I’m being told you’re having a tough time” or “are you low at the moment?”. Does this sound like a good message to you? Does this sound like a connection with spirit? I’ve been asked those things by my doctor there’s nothing spiritual about that! People who are grieving are clinging to hope and mediums aren’t giving any, nothing tangible.


If they were talking to Bob then why not give Bobs second name? They got his first so why not more info about Bob? Grief is what keeps people coming back to the churches, something to give them hope. Are Psychic Mediums fake? Where’s the concrete proof? Why isn’t there more information in the messages? Why do we get cryptic life messages about feeling low? Most of the people in the church will be low, they’re grieving so it looks good for the medium.


Money is another massive factor that makes me question the validity of mediums. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make a living for yourself but you’re targeting grieving people. Plus the accuracy of the messages isn’t good and people are still prepared to pay for a glimmer of hope. If mediums actually did have a link with spirit and they could help someone with concrete proof I could understand. I’ve been told by a medium that “I’ve developed my skill and trained so why shouldn’t I charge?”. I don’t deny that everyone has a right to make a living but where is the proof that spirits exist? If someone is willing to pay you for your ability then surely you can deliver the evidence? Technology hasn’t delivered any proof in years and years but some mediums take payment as if they’re the key.


If there was actual proof that the spirit world existed then I’m sure it would be all over the news. lately, things have happened to myself and my partner which we can’t explain. I would really love to find an explanation and some actual proof its spirit. There are other issues why I would really like my own proof. I certainly won’t just be told they exist by mediums, I have to have my very own experience. Many times over the years I’ve sent thoughts out to spirit. I was told to do that if I needed help or wanted to help someone, Absolutely nothing came from those thoughts.

This is only my opinion and I’m not for one second suggesting I’m an expert on this subject. However, I’ve been involved for a long time. I have my doubts about the validity of the afterlife and until I’m convinced otherwise I can’t see that changing. My other reasons for doubting that life exists after death is something that I will write about another day. I am going to keep this spiritualism topic going as I think it’s an interesting thought-provoking subject. Are psychic mediums fake? Only you know in yourself what you’re prepared to accept as evidence.

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