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Art and Spirituality

When it comes to home decor ideas art and spirituality are an ideal combination. Modern interior design doesn’t always have a place for spirituality, art takes the lead when it comes to decor design. During this COVID-19 pandemic, I realised that having a room to escape to was a necessity. However, I needed the room to be a place of peace, somewhere I could go and shut out the world. My escapism was meditation but I found the room style was all over the place, uninspiring.

There was nothing in the room that made me feel at peace, it made my anxiety worse. So I took down any artwork that I felt didn’t help and replaced it with spiritual art. I placed a few different ornaments around the room and removed any clutter, it really started to change to feel. Having those ornaments and pieces of spiritual art really did have an effect, I could sense the conditions changing.

I know this could all be psychological however I came out of the room and stayed out for a while. Being back in other rooms in the house made my anxieties return, room design has obviously played its part. After a while, I went back into my other room to see how it would make me feel. Even just opening the door had a calming peaceful feel, I closed the door and sat down to total change.

Art and Spirituality – Creating Conditions

I believe that adding spiritual art and ornaments have transformed the overall atmospheric conditions of the room. It’s like shutting out the world, I feel inspired by the spiritual art and ornaments presence, maybe it’s all in the mind but it works. My simple room design has generated the conditions that are helpful to me, I’m certainly no designer. However, I know what I needed to help me with my anxieties so I used that as a blueprint.

Now I have my own hippie room, escape from the world, somewhere to meditate. I don’t think covering every room in the house with art and spirituality would work the same way. Personally, I think having that one room that is dedicated to your inner peace is far better. You know that once you’re in that room it’s for you and your state of mind. I couldn’t see that work if it was in every room, having that one place to focus is perfect for me. Art and spirituality definitely work.

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