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best himalayan salt lamp

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

Does the best Himalayan salt lamp actually exist? As far as we’re aware, all Himalayan salt lamps have the same properties and the same effects. So how do you interpret which is the best and what makes it so special to stand out from the crowd? We have in our shop and in our etsy shop two different Himalayan salt lamps. These were chosen for a specific reason, they don’t look like an ordinary Himalayan salt lamp. We chose these two because they are more than just lamps, they’re a great home decor item too.

Both of our salt lamps are purposely chosen for their calming qualities compared to just looking at a block of pink salt. There is much more to appearance when it comes to how they make you feel, take anxiety for example. As a sufferer of anxiety myself I know that having something around me that’s calming can really help. Even the beautiful amber glow of the salt lamp combined with some relaxing music can really do wonders for me. Natural remedies for anxiety can be difficult to access sometimes and the benefits aren’t always present. Himalayan salt lamps are a natural product and they work for me.

best himalayan salt lampbest himalayan salt lamp

As you can see from the above images of our salt lamps, they are both crafted to fit well in the home. They’re also ideal for meditation, they make a great cornerstone piece for any meditation space or yoga studio. Some people actually have Himalayan salt lamps in more than one room, filling the home with calming atmospheric conditions. They’re also apparently renowned to help with sleep deprivation and generally lack of sleep. Placing one in your bedroom could possibly ease your ability to sleep, feeling relaxed and calm will always help.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp – Conclusion

Salt lamps are natural ionisers which can have an impact on the positive and negative ions in the air. In reality the benefits of the salt lamps are down to each person individually, we all see and feel things differently. Like anything with alleged healing properties there has to be some proof before these things can be guaranteed to work. I know from my own personal experience with anxiety that a salt lamp calms me down, I also know that it changes the feel of the room. I know this isn’t psychological because other people have said the same thing, however it’s all down to how it affects you.

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