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coming out of lockdown

Coming Out of Lockdown

So we are gradually coming out of lockdown, we are feeling very relieved that this is happening but scared. It has affected everyone’s life, some lives have been lost and some affected mentally, it’s been really stressful. Everyones circumstances are different and we all have our own ways of surviving, just getting through each day is challenging. Whether it be money worries, health issues or not getting on with the people you isolate whit’s been tough!

To get through this trying time, me and my partner started doing this blog and shop, a passion of ours. We were gonna give up but we have put every effort into getting this working to make a better life. As a couple we are both really interested in the paranormal and all things mystic or spooky. This lockdown has led us to actually doing something positive with our lives, something we really enjoy.

We both have history and a background in spiritualism and this pandemic has made us more inquisitive to the afterlife. We aren’t paranormal investigators, one of us is an open minded sceptic even after 40 years of spiritualism!  However since we got together as a couple our energies seemed to connect and we both witness things more. We’re just a regular couple that see or hear things out of the ordinary and it fascinates us.

Coming Out of Lockdown – Conclusion

Our blogs and shop are ways for us to share things we like on a spiritual level. Mystic World is our love for mystic, paranormal, spiritual stuff that interests us. Our other paranormal activity blog, Night ghouls, is basically a journal for us to document things that happen. It was set up for that purpose but with lockdown we haven’t been anywhere to write about. We are slowly starting to plan our next trips away but who knows what’s around the corner.

With this in mind we are going to keep pushing our Mystic World Shop on Etsy. We might also take it on the road to fairs and specialist markets and events. We are building up our stocks gradually and will be branching out into other things. If we hadn’t of done this then I who knows how we would have coped. In a way it has helped us to stay focused and try to achieve our dream. Like everyone else we will all get through this together and be stronger for it.

Check out our spiritual shop on Etsy, we have all sorts of things that can inspire or help spiritually. We also have quirky home decor items and some fantastic rugs all hand made and imported from Indonesia. They’re great for any living space or an ideal meditation mat. Either way we are a genuine couple that have found something we love doing and we hope you can find some inspiration from it. Stay safe, love and light.

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