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So what are dreamcatchers? Native Americans believed that they act as a filter, they catch bad dreams and let the good dreams come through. They believed that for a good nights sleep, hanging the dreamcatcher above your bed for would stop negative dreams. A peaceful nights sleep could be achieved knowing that you’re protected and your mind is clear from negativity.

When you look at the dreamcatcher you will see that it’s like a spider web effect, that’s intentional. Dreamcatchers are very spiritual items and it’s believed that once in sleep state you’re vulnerable to evil spirits. A blessed dreamcatcher is said to eliminate the threat, once blessed with sage it acts as a barrier. Dreamcatchers have always been associated with native American culture and their belief in the spirit world was part of life.

Native Americans believe that once night comes the air is filled conflicting energies, good and bad. When in sleep state you’re opening yourself up to spirit and if not protected can be taken over by evil. Having an evil entity take control of you and your thoughts is a tragedy, protection from this is essential. There are many rituals and spiritual items such as dreamcatchers which they rely on to protect themselves.

We tried one just to see if it has an effect and it was very interesting! Even though we couldn’t vouch for it’s protective qualities we were actually really calm. It could be just a state of mind, psychologically thinking it’s helping us, maybe it did. Neither of us had bad dreams, both of us slept really well which doesn’t usually happen. We also usually have some spirit activity at night but we had nothing, coincidence?

Dreamcatcher – Summary

I’m not for one second suggesting dreamcatchers actually stop bad dreams or negative energies, however there is something about them. They’re designed to keep us safe and protected and maybe because of this they act as filter. Frequencies can determine how you feel and maybe a change in frequency can make you have bad dreams. Having a dreamcatcher could counteract those frequencies with more we feel more comfortable with, just a thought, interesting either way.

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