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essential oils for spiritual connection

Essential Oils For Spiritual Connection

Essential oils for spiritual connection isn’t something that springs to mind when trying to bring spirit closer. I don’t mean for meditation but for actual communication with spirit. Essential oils are a great meditation aid and are renowned for helping to create atmospheric conditions. However there is more to the oils than that, conditions have to be right for any communication to take place.

That’s where essential oils play their part, along with the right music this can create a welcoming ambience. There are many types of oils that are used for spiritual connection and all have amazing qualities. According to an article on the health benefits of Patchouli oil are amazing, but what about spiritual? It’s good for meditation and relaxation which both can help with the conditions needed for spiritual contact.

Atmospheric conditions have to be right before you can bring spirit close, vibrations and energies need raised. Essential oils can help with all of that, just like the impact of incense on meditation conditions, it all helps. Obviously the essential oil has to be right for you, your comfort levels have to be just right to relax. Any overpowering scent will obviously have a detrimental effect on how long you can sit resulting in an uncomfortable atmosphere.

I Know spiritual connection isn’t all about essential oils, there is so much more involved. There’s been times when I’ve took part in a seance and a combination of music and essential oils were used. Creating the right energies and vibrations by feeling relaxed and sending out positive thoughts is all part of the routine. However the whole process is still reliant on more than music and oils.

Essential Oils For Spiritual Connection – Summary

In reality creating the perfect conditions takes a lot more effort than physical things, it takes mental focus. Being able to tune in to certain frequencies requires practice and dedication, each time could have different challenges. My point about essential oils is that they can help to create the conditions you need, each scent contributes differently. We all have our own favourite smells to help us relax so it’s about getting the balance right.

If you’re sitting in a group then everyone will have different reactions to certain scents, getting it right is important. It’s surprising how much smell can affect us emotionally, like freshly baked bread or ground coffee. Getting the balance right so that it can trigger the right feelings and emotions is the ultimate goal. Combine this with some soothing, relaxing music and you have the conditions for sending loving positive thoughts. Essential oils aren’t the answer on their own but they’re a huge part of the process.

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