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Handmade Round Jute Rug

Our handmade round Jute rug is one of our most popular items that we sell. There are a number of reasons for this, not only does it look stunning, it’s more than just a rug. That might sound a little over the top but in reality it’s the whole process that makes it so special. In most peoples eyes a rug is just a home decor item or something to make the flooring more colourful. However this handmade round Jute rug has more of a story and is more than a floor covering.

First of all they are handmade in India using skilled craftsmanship and traditional Indian methods. It’s been made using fair trade practices and ethically sourced materials, making quality more important than quantity. It’s easy these days to go and buy mass produced rubbish that has no story, no character and lacking quality. Plus it’s a throwaway society, things have no meaning, soul or character, cheap mass production creates a lack of attachment.

Having something handmade that has taken time to create and has given someone pride in their work is priceless. Job satisfaction is a rare thing these days however a finished handmade product that’s taken time and effort is satisfying. Knowing that the time, effort, skill and dedication has created a fantastic product is the key to a satisfied customer. This in turn has a knock on effect creating a living and better life for many artisan craftspeople.

Handmade Round Jute Rug – The Positives

Here are a list of the reasons why the rug is so popular, it’s not just coincidence;

  • It’s handmade from recycled materials
  • Each one takes time to make which requires dedication, effort and a wonderful skill level.
  • It’s made from eco friendly sustainable Jute
  • They’re quite lightweight making them easy enough to move around
  • Bohemian style boho decor
  • Soft to touch but hardwearing
  • It’s something to cherish, it’s a quality handmade product created by a skilled artisan craftsperson.
  • Finally it’s also great as a meditation mat!

I you haven’t seen these rugs yet then take a look, they’re popular and sell out quite quick. It takes time to get more stock as it takes time to make the rugs, however it’s worth it! This post has come about because of the popularity of this amazing handmade round jute rug, it surprised us! Anyway if you’re interested in seeing what the fuss is all about you can see the image below. It’s a clickable link which will take you to our Etsy listing.

handmade round jute rug

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