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holiday mode

Holiday Mode

During the past couple of weeks we have had to put our shop in holiday mode for the first time. It was a strange scenario that we didn’t actually prepare ourselves for, we didn’t anticipate the demand for our stock. We only set this up during lockdown as it’s something that we have a genuine interest in. However we didn’t expect the level of interest in what we are doing to be so high. It definitely caught us by surprise!

In a way it’s a really good experience as we have learned a valuable lesson in business. This has made us a little wiser in how we manage our stock. We’re always looking around for relevant stock and during our holiday mode we decided to broaden our horizons. There’s many subjects that our Mystic World could touch. We decided to explore as many as we can or as many as we’re actually interested in.

It’s all fascinating stuff if you have an inquisitive mind like we do, there’s so much to investigate. Our main interest is the spirit world but that’s because we grew up with that influence. From the spiritual realm to time travel, parallel universe, aliens witchcraft, it’s all interesting stuff! We realised how popular these subjects are during our holiday mode, there’s such a fascination amongst people.

Ever since we got together as a couple and started experiencing strange activity our focus has been spirits. Trying to understand if it’s real or imagination and why it’s happening to us. We haven’t tried contacting the spirit world as one of us is an open minded sceptic. Even though growing up and being involved with spiritualism for 40 years is a long time, there’s still scepticism. However we all need our own proof.

Coming Out of Holiday Mode

Once we open our Etsy shop again we noticed the demand was still there. People are looking for hope, spirituality and something to believe in, maybe to help them through these tough times. We are in the same mindset, we are actively looking for our own spiritual comfort blanket. However the main thing is that we’re all in this together and will collectively be stronger for it.

With regards to Mystic World we will be looking to broaden our range of stock. We’ll also hopefully be starting to document our hauntings that we encounter again. We usually put our findings on our Night Ghouls blog as we set that up as our spooky journal. If you haven’t checked out our Etsy shop yet feel free to have a browse, we’re proud of our spiritual gift shop! As lockdown starts to ease hopefully we can all start to enjoy more freedom and relax a bit, we’ll see.

Stay Safe!

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