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How to

Out of curiosity (and boredom) I googled the words “how to”, I was wondering what people are wanting to learn. I only did this because of the current lockdown situation, apparently people are wanting to change their lives. There seems to be a demand for new beginnings, people want to learn new skills, I was curious what skills. When I did my search I was expecting a list of spectacular mind tingling creative skills, nope, didn’t happen.

I’m not saying my findings aren’t creative but I had higher expectations, start a business, learn a language etc. It showed me that this pandemic has really changed how people think, it’s forced people into survival mode. With supermarkets running low on essentials, people are learning ways to make their own food but hardly essential items. Here is the list of my google search results, this is in numerical order;

  1. How to make a face mask
  2. How to make pancakes
  3. How to make bread
  4. How to make Banana bread
  5. How to make pizza dough
  6. How to make scones

As you can see safety and food has been the main priority for peoples internet browsing. To be honest this wasn’t the inspiration that I was looking for, I was hoping to find that light bulb moment. Something different that would give me a new challenge during lockdown. This Mystic World was a product of lockdown and it’s an ongoing project that we love doing. It’s myself and my partners passion and we love looking into different mystic things, I hoped to find something extra.

How To – Challenge Yourself

Totally unrelated to Mystic World, our other challenge for ourselves is to write a song! We can’t play any instruments but we’re going use this time to get creative and see what we can come up with. That’s the kind of thing I was hoping to find when I searched on google, I was hoping for wacky creative ideas. It would be good to have achieved things when this horrible time is over, no matter how crazy an idea.

I personally hope that this pandemic has tested us as people and made us realise that we can live differently. Whether it’s starting a business, learn a language, get fit or just have time to yourself to plan your life. Yes this post is just a random ramble but my search in google really got me thinking. It’s making us reflect on how we are living right now. Do we want to go back to how we were living? This is an opportunity for change, what’s next? Challenge yourself, make it happen!

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