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Meditation means something different to different people, we all know what works best for us. There are so many types of meditation that it can be confusing an ultimately put you off altogether. I think we all have the same goal when it comes to meditating even if our methods differ. However, it’s always good to know what other meditation techniques are out there, this can only enhance our experience. This page is to give some resources about meditation methods, something to inspire you to try new ways. Maybe you haven’t tried meditation, hopefully, this page can give you the start you need.

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My Own Personal Meditation Routine

My own person meditation routine is influenced by growing up with spiritualism. It differs from many forms of meditation however it’s what I find works best for me. Over the years I’ve taken part in many development classes at a spiritualist church, clearing the mind is important. This is something that I’ve always struggled with, it takes time and practice. Although development classes are to develop mediumship and clairvoyance the methods are quite similar to other meditation methods. In my own meditation, I don’t send my thoughts to spirit guides and helpers whereas in development classes it’s important. I mainly focus on clearing my mind and concentrating on my breathing and the energies around me. It’s important for my surroundings to be right, I have ornaments and other calming influences to help with conditions. Sometimes I use incense or oil burners to help stimulate feelings, this helps me relax and calms my mind. I also sometimes use music, soft classical music played at a low level, this also helps.

Here are 5 of my most important meditation tips;

  1. Sit Comfortably. In my eyes, this has got to be the most important factor when meditating. If you’re uncomfortable you will fidget and move around, this has an impact on you. Not only will it interrupt you but it can make you stop altogether. The seating position is important so get it right, whether it’s on the floor or on a chair it’s important. I personally have a rug which I sit on, I use it for its comfort and symbolism. It’s made by hand from recycled materials and is soft and comfortable, I feel it’s part of my process. My seating position is with crossed legs, straight back and my palms are facing upwards. This is my personal preference for indoor meditation, my outdoor differs depending on location.
  2. Surroundings. This is another highly important factor. If your meditation space is chaotic, it can stop your ability to relax and calm your mind. I know that I personally can’t meditate when the conditions around me aren’t right. Putting things in place to eliminate chaos and create calm is important, this is what will help you focus. Place inspiring ornaments or artwork around your meditation space, use incense or essential oils to enhance your atmospheric conditions. The main thing is to get it right for you, whatever is going to help you calm your mind.
  3. Time. I’ve always been a restless person and sitting still for any length of time is really difficult. That’s why I’ve listed time as one of my 3 top tips. I feel it’s important not to set yourself to long for meditation. Set yourself realistic targets, I initially started by aiming for 45 minutes, what a mistake! After 5 minutes I became restless, I started to move around, my mind started to wander. After a while, I decided to limit my meditation to twice a day. I would do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night if possible. This was a lot easier for me to manage and I actually completed it. 
  4. Guided Meditation OptionThis is something that I find useful if I can’t calm my mind. If you suffer with an over active mimd then this method is really worth a try. Sometimes it’s difficult to relax or switch off, sometimes my usual method of meditation doesn’t work and I find guided mediation is the answer. It’s also great for unblocking negative energies and push you forward to achieve your goals in life.

Having the right conditions is really important. We are all different and we have our own ideas of what the best conditions are. What suits you might not suit me, we all have our own ideas. In my opinion, placing ornaments and spiritual art in your meditation space can only enhance the conditions. It definitely worked for me, I have calm now where there was previously chaos. I’m not a meditation guru or a spiritual advisor in any way, this is purely what works for me. If you haven’t tried meditation before I hope you can give a try and I hope you feel the benefit as I have.

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Benefits Of Meditation


It can help calm the mind

Reduces stress

Helps to control anxiety

It can help maintain focus

Can help with depression

It is also said to help with sleep

Inner peace and self-awareness

Useful Resources

As a sufferer of anxiety, I was encouraged by my GP to download an app called Headspace. This is a meditation app and although it does have a paid version, there is also a free one. I was very skeptical of the idea of using an app to help anxiety but to be honest I did find it useful. I only used the free version which I found was ok for me. Here are some useful resources if you plan to start meditating;

Guided Mediation



There’s so much information out there to get you started. However, it’s about finding the type of meditation that suits you. I found a lot of good videos on Youtube, this gives you an insight as to what’s involved in each type. This is great to determine which meditation suits you, pick the one that you’re comfortable with, try different ones. One of the most important factors is to just do it! Don’t be put off, don’t give in to doubt try it, and see how you feel.