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Music Is My Medicine

During these crazy times finding a way to survive and thrive is difficult but music is my medicine. Without it I really don’t know how I would get through this pandemic, my soundtrack to life is really expanding! Unfortunately the problem is that if I really like a song I don’t want to associate it with this pandemic. It’s always going to be difficult and music is associated with good and bad however I’d rather keep the good!

Depending on how much of a music fan you are will determine the mood of your playlist. Mine is ever changing, I have a massive love for most music and it’s driven by what mood I’m in. I try not to listen to sombre moody music if I can help it, especially right now during this virus. However finding something uplifting when you’re not feeling at your best is difficult. I usually associate uplifting music to something nice like spring and summer, definitely not a pandemic.

Anyway I thought it was important to update my music playlist as I didn’t want to hear the same stuff. It was mainly to give me hope that new music could bring new hope and feelings. A little bit of escapism is really needed and some nice new sounds was my glimmer of hope. It doesn’t have to be new songs, anything that catches the ear really, old or new, something to distract me.

Music Is My Medicine – My Top 3 Most Played Tracks Recently

This song by Michael Kiwanuka is the most played track on my playlist so far.

Followed by my next most played track, Chase and Status. If you do Les Mills Bodycombat you might recognise it, just don’t listen in bed it makes you hyper!

Finally a much older track that I can’t stop playing, I’m not an eighties music fan but love this!

That is the end of my little music offering. It’s a very diverse combination of tracks but I like things that are different otherwise I get bored. Those 3 tracks are just the most played on my playlist so far, it will change very soon!

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