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We have always wondered what are pendulums? What do they do? How do they work? I used to think that pendulums really did what people instructed them to do but that could’t be more wrong! I looked into this and I was fascinated what I found out about them. According to Brittanica;

“Pendulums are a body suspended from a fixed point so they can swing back and forth under the influence of gravity. Pendulums are used to regulate the movement of clocks because the interval of time for each complete oscillation, called the period, is constant”.

However, there is more to a pendulum than that, especially from a spiritual point of view. If you believe in the power of divination or spirit communication then pendulums are an important tool. Are pendulums spiritual? My guess would be they definitely are if used correctly. They are used as a tool for spiritual healing and inner growth. Pendulums can be used to communicate with spirits as yes no pendulums.

I know you will be thinking now how on earth do they work? Nobody can prove that a pendulum is a tool for spirit communication but I have seen it work for myself. I’m not suggesting that it was actually communicating with spirit however it did respond to questions. Communicating with spirit requires energy and the pendulum uses the energy from spirit to answer your questions. This all requires belief and open minded attitudes but from my experience it worked.

Pendulums and Gemstones

A pendulum is also a good tool for picking out the healing crystals you need. If you have a lot of crystals and place them all together the pendulum can pick the one you need. You hover the pendulum over the stones and if it rotates over a stone then that’s the one you need. Apparently it will only hover over the appropriate crystal, it will stay still over the others. Definitely worth a try if only to see if it works for yourself, there’s no guarentees.

In summary this was just a brief post about the pendulum and its uses, it’s a fascinating spiritual item. Each pendulum can have different properties and a variety of gemstones. Rose Quartz gemstones seem a popular choice because of their universal love representation and it’s a sought after healing stone. In my opinion it would be a great tool for spirit communication because of the love it represents.

At the end of the day it’s all down to personal belief and personal experience. You won’t really know if it works unless you try it for yourself, it’s something that will require practice. Not everyone will have the patience but that’s what is required along with love and light and an open mind. Whenever you are trying to communicate with spirit you must also protect yourself and ask spirit for protection.

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