Selenite Candle Holder


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This is an atmospheric, spiritually charging Selenite Candle Holder. Not only does it have amazing spiritual and healing attributes, but it also makes an amazing ornament. An ideal home decor item.

Selenite is a translucent crystal allows the flame of the candle to flicker slightly through the walls of the candle holder. Edges of the candle holders are rough which is natural to selenite.

Selenite is great for anything spiritual, Selenite bowls are often used to charge gemstones. It’s got purity and is a wonderful metaphysical tool.

These Selenite Candle Holders are shiny and sometimes with whiter areas. The top of each candle holder is polished and the underside is cut flat.

Benefits: It is generally accepted that Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals for healing. It connects to the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras. Some say it promotes purity and honesty. It is said it forces the person holding it, to be honest with themselves.

Dimensions: 8 x 8 cm

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