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signs from the afterlife

Signs From The Afterlife

Growing up in a spiritualist household I recognized what was deemed to be signs from the afterlife. From childhood, there were always things happening in the house that I couldn’t explain. My mother is a medium and has been involved in the spiritualist movement for over 40 years. This is why I have heard and seen things that I can’t explain. One of the strange things was hearing three knocks.

That might seem a weird thing to remember however it was something that stayed with me for a reason. I remember when I was younger walking upstairs to bed, my dad was in front of me. My dad was just going into his bedroom and there were 3 knocks on the wardrobe. He said to me “did you hear that?”, I heard it alright, loud and clear! It was loud and from his bedroom, he said it means something, ask your mam about it.

I knew my dad hadn’t done it because he was still at the entrance to his bedroom. There were always strange noises going on in the house but I was used to it. However, this particular noise was more thought-provoking than anything else I’ve heard. When I asked my mam what it means she said it’s spirit telling us there’s going to be a death. Deep down I was skeptical and thought it was just my mother joking with me but she was being serious.

Signs From The Afterlife – 3 Knocks Again

She stated that over the years whenever they’ve heard 3 knocks a family member or someone they know has died. It’s really strange because I do actually remember something like that happening previously. On this occasion, after those 3 knocks, there was indeed a death, it was our dog. She was old but seemed in good health for her age. This death happened about a week after we heard the 3 knocks. Is it signs from the afterlife?

Even though I grew up in a spiritualist household I’m a skeptic. I always believe we should have our own experiences and not be told something is supernatural. I’ve always looked for a rational explanation for those sorts of happenings however it’s happened again. This time it was outside of my bedroom window. I heard it as clear as day and when I looked in the street there was nobody around. It was 3:18 in the morning so there shouldn’t be anybody around anyway!

Those 3 knocks I heard were gentle but loud enough for me to hear them. They sounded like they came from my neighbours door or window. My bed is beside the window so I can see my neighbours house. I saw directly where the knocks came from and there was nobody there at all, not even in the street. I looked at the time on my phone thinking why are people knocking on doors at this time.


As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a sceptic and even though I heard those knocks I’m still unsure it’s spirit. In a way, I hope it’s not because that means it could mean the death of someone. However, my curious side is wanting it to be paranormal so that I can have my proof. It’s been about 4 days so far and nothing has happened as yet, I really hope it doesn’t happen. If I’m going to get my own proof I’d rather it was a different way than 3 knocks. Time will tell!

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