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The Spirit World

If it truly exists, the spirit world is meant to be home, supposedly it’s the place we came from. Everyone has their own theory about it and each culture have their own beliefs, but will we ever know? Is the spirit world a fantasy made up by powerful individuals in years gone by to control us? Whether you’re religious or an atheist, life after death is still highly thought of as our next chapter after life.

I grew up in a spiritualist household, attended spiritualist church most Sundays and watched numerous Clairvoyant demonstrations. However, even though I can’t explain the things that I’ve seen and heard, I’m still sceptical about it all. Think about it, why are people STILL looking for proof? Why has there been no concrete evidence that the spirit world actually exists? Being told by someone that they’ve seen a spirit just isn’t proof to me, where is the actual evidence?

I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, it would be great if it really does but if so why haven’t we seen proof? Most of us at some point have lost loved ones and we crave to see them again one day. However, there are lots of other theories as to why we haven’t heard from loved ones from the other side. One of those theories is that they have been reincarnated. If that was deemed to be true then our dreams of seeing loved ones again would be shattered.

The Spirit World – Could It Be A Form Of Control?

Most people would love to believe in the spirit world and lots of people will just accept what they’re told. I’ve seen first hand how people accept what mediums tell them about loved ones and grief is the driving force. Grief is so powerful and so painful that any signs or words of comfort can feel like there’s hope. Telling someone that their loved one is with them or is ok is such a comfort. It helps the heartache for a while, however it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

At the beginning of this post I asked if the spirit world was a fantasy to control us, here’s why;

There’s a really good chance that if we knew the spirit world existed we’d live differently. There’s a lot of people out there with bad intentions. If they knew that death isn’t the end, what’s stopping them from being murderers, thieves or career criminals. It could also lead to mass suicides, people committing crimes and killing themselves to escape justice. Thinking that death could be a new start and avoid justice. Would we be as compassionate to each other if we knew?

Would we be reckless with our money? Could our morals and principles change? Would there actually be any order in the world? I know it all seems far fetched but it’s a thought.

Final Thoughts

We are told that we are here on earth to learn lessons and grow spiritually. Our progression on “the other side” is helped by the lessons we learn here. How we deal with emotions such as love, hate, grief and happiness is all part of our spiritual plan. In order for that to happen we need to have the spirit world in your minds. Spirituality is growing, we’ve been told by churches of most faiths about spiritual progression, planting seeds in our minds.

I’m always looking for proof for the existence of the spirit world and so are millions of others, but why? Is it for comfort? Is it to acknowledge what the faith leaders have been telling us? Why have so many people been searching for the spirit world without success? I say without success because if it actually was found, surely it would be all over the news!? It might seem a controversial topic but it does make you think. Are we being controlled into living a certain way so that we progress spiritually?

In conclusion, I’m not saying that spirits don’t exist, I’m not saying that the spirit world doesn’t exist either. My point was that since the spirit world hasn’t been a breaking news headline, is it something more sinister? A fantasy created to keep people in check, make people have a purpose to live the right way in the name of world order. Who knows! All I know is that I have seen and heard some amazing so called paranormal things. However, the spirit world is not breaking news in the media!

I do believe there is something else after death, I just want my own proof.

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