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Why Is Rose Quartz So Powerful?

It’s one of the most popular gemstones you can get but why is Rose Quartz so powerful? What is it that attracts people to believe that gemstones have powers? Having come from a spiritualist background I know that there is a lot of emphasis on gemstones for healing. This isn’t just to have a belief to cling on to, it’s a genuine attitude towards spirituality and gemstones. Apparently, all gemstones have their own unique powers.

Rose Quartz isn’t only a beautiful gemstone it has fantastic qualities. One of its special qualities is that it’s a gemstone of unconditional love as it’s a stone of the heart. It also has great healing powers which are great for inner peace and calm, it’s popular for meditation. Meditating with Rose Quartz is popular because of its soothing vibrations, plus because of its calming colour and healing qualities.

Holding Rose Quartz when you’re feeling stressed or anxious can help to calm you down. Just sitting in a peaceful environment holding the quartz can give you a sense of inner peace. This is just one of the powerful attributes of the Rose Quartz, however, all of its powers require belief. To the nonbeliever it’s just a colourful stone, however, if you believe in its powers it makes everything valid.

Why Is Rose Quartz So Powerful? – Conclusion

A Rose Quartz ┬áPendulum is a good tool for spiritual communication as it’s the stone of unconditional love. It helps to have loving vibrations to communicate with spirit in order to create positivity and light. Pendulums are also good for asking questions to gain insight into yourself and Rose Quartz is perfect. Below is a picture of our Angel Pendulum, it’s a beautiful necklace but also a great divination pendulum. angel pendulum with ring rose quartz

On a personal level, I know someone who swears by Rose Quartz to help with anxiety. I personally think that if you believe in something enough then it can work. If you believe that it’s helping you on a personal level then that’s great, anything to calm the mind.

In conclusion, there are so many attributes that make this gemstone stand out. Unconditional love, healing, heart chakra, purifies the heart, helps relationships and is a popular gemstone for meditation. You can find out the origins of the raw gemstone here.

However in reality all of those attributes require one thing, belief. Without an open mind and open heart, this is just another colourful gemstone. Plus if you do believe in the powers of gemstones, don’t forget to charge and cleanse them.

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